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2014 APPA Awards

Its been a few weeks since the most exciting event of my working life, and it still feels totally unreal. It was only when I received my certificates in the mail that it has started to sink in.

Some of you may remember when I received my 2 silver awards at the state level Queensland Professional Photography Epson Awards. It was my first time entering any kind of professional photography awards and I was incredibly proud of the results. The state level awards are basically a stepping stone for the National APPA awards, held annually around September/October each year. You receive feedback from your images and you can then use that feedback towards your entries that you select for the APPA awards.

I set a few goals for myself before entering the National Australian Professional Photography Awards (or the APPA’s as we photographers like to call them – basically the Oscar’s for photographers), knowing that the APPA is a whole different level and scale to the state awards and that to earn even a silver is a big deal in the APPA’s.  I aimed to achieve 1 silver award and start earning my points towards my Associateship with the AIPP. Each Silver is worth 1 point, and a gold is worth 2. If you receive a 78 or 79 (an 80 is a silver), you also receive half a point that can be used towards your associateship. You need to earn a total of 5 points within 4 consecutive years.

Along came the day of the judging and I was a complete bundle of nerves. When you enter these awards, you are putting the work that you put your heart and soul into out to be judged by some of the world’s best photographers. I was about to find out how my work lived up to the standards of my peers and the people I looked up to.

I am so pleased to say that I achieved my initial goal of one silver in addition to a silver with distinction and a GOLD out of my 4 prints entered! I was also 2 points off receiving a silver in my last print. 2789 images were entered in this years APPA’s, with only 907 receiving silver awards (32.5%), 256 receiving a silver with distinction awards (9.2%) and 96 gold awards (3.4%). This puts my within only half a point in receiving my associateship which I hope to gain next year. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to do so well in my first year of entering and I am so glad I took the opportunity to enter and I encourage anyone thinking of entering to just do it!

Of course, I could not have got this far without the encouragement of my peers, my wonderful clients and my supportive family for believing in me.

Ok, lets see the images 🙂

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You can view all of the entries by clicking on this link here.

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