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Yesterday, on the 03/07/2014, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the birth of my good friends twins, Archer and Nate. Born into this world at 1.21pm and 1.24pm via c-section, these two little boys arrived a picture of health and already a spitting image of their big brother Xander.

When Aaron and Lawana informed me that their twins were being born via C-section, my first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to capture the birth in the same way as a natural. With restricted access, it would mean that I would miss the actual birth of the twins. I mentioned that I would come in after the birth, when they were out of recovery and when their eldest son Xander was to be brought in to meet them and capture some special bonding moments for them then.

It wasn’t until the night before their birth, that I realised that there are beautiful moments worth documenting at every birth! Every birth is different, and every birth has a story behind it. ALL birth stories are valuable. I quickly got in contact with Lawana and asked if it were ok that I be present from their arrival at the maternity ward the next morning, and I am so glad I did. There were so many emotions to be captured right from the beginning. Lawana being prepped for surgery, and the emotions that came with it. She carried a smile from ear to ear and there was definitely a presence of both excitement and nervousness. I followed them right up to the lift before I was told I would have to wait behind. After the surgery, I went into see dad in SCBU where Nate and Archer were monitored for a short time before being returned to mum for a feed and cuddles. Doting big brother Xander arrived not long after, along with some close friends and family and the atmosphere in the room took me back to the birth of my own two boys.

Following this amazing experience, I do feel that c-section births, whether unplanned or elective, are worth documenting just as much as any other birth. In fact, in many ways it is even more beneficial. The reality is that mum has just had surgery, so there are moments that are captured that she would have otherwise missed whilst she was in recovery. Grandparents meeting their grandchild, the bonding between father and child whilst he waits for Mum to come out of recovery. These are the kind of moments that without these images, Mum would have missed. There is also a story leading up to the birth – the preparation prior to surgery and the emotions that follow it. Birth Photography also serves as a healing process for many mothers that missed out on the birth they had hoped for. These images serve as a reminder that the moment of meeting your baby for the first time is just as special and memorable regardless of how baby was born into this world.

I hope that you enjoy the slideshow just as much as I did creating it 🙂

The Birth Story of Archer and Nate from Elizabeth Reeves on Vimeo.

cairns birth photography by sweet beginnings photography, of cairns, queensland.

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